Fix Toe for Plantar Plate Tears

Plantar plate tears are a reasonable common cause of pain in the ball of the foot and is often diagnosed as metatarsalgia. Strapping or tape is commonly used to treat this, but that can be annoying to use and can be uncomfortable. The FixToe is a product that is a good alternative to treat plantar plate tears.


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Sneaker Toe/Heel Prevention Repair, Shoe Hole Toeburst Patch/Insert, Wear Self-adhesive, 1pairs of Black and 1 pair of White
  • These are used to repair and prevent damage to some running shoes and sports shoes. They are easy to install and strong. The adhesive of the patch is a kind of hot-melt adhesive developed by us. It needs to be heated before it can work. It can make the patch adhere to the tennis shoes more firmly to deal with the severe pressure and sweat of any sports shoes
  • Tear off the back paper of the patch, align the repair patch to the damaged location, press it gently with your fingers, and do not leave the location, then blow with hot air from a hair dryer for 30 seconds, and then press it with your fingers for 30 seconds. That's it
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Hilph Toe Splint Straightener, 2 Packs Adjustable Hammer Toe Corrector for Women & Men, Toe Splint for Curled Toes, Broken Toe Support, Claw Toe and Mallet Toe (Black)
  • [Adjustable and Customizable]: Hilph toe splints features an adjustable strap with an adjustable support splint, allowing you to easily fix and adjust toe support brace according to your specific needs, applicable to all toes, provides a personalized support and correction for optimal comfort.
  • [Ultra supportive & Straightening]: Built-in aluminum bar at the bottom of the broken toe splint provide toe supportive from bottom for toe protection and straighten toes, apply gentle compression to straighten crooked toes adjust to the most suitable position while providing maximum support. Limits further swelling and supports the injured toe and ligament, further strain won't be put on toe, restrict mobility and prevent the ligaments from being over-extended while healing.
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ZenToes Hammertoe Corrector Gel Toe Straighteners with 3 Separator Loops - Realign Bent, Crooked, Curled, Claw, Hammer Toes - Cushion Crest for Men and Women - Beige
  • Hammer Toe Straightener - The ZenToes gel toe splint is a soft, squishy, gel cushion that slides under your middle toes to gently lift clawed toes back into proper alignment. The top of the cushion has three stretchy loops that slide over your toes to keep the gel pad in place.
  • One Size Fits Most - Our unisex design and stretchy material allows our hammer toe cushion to fit most adult men and women's feet. They can be comfortably worn under socks and with most types of shoes from high heels to work boots or sport skates.
Bestseller No. 4
Welnove Hammertoe Corrector Gel Toe Straighteners - 8 Pcs Toe Support Pads Cushion - Realign Bent, Crooked, Curled, Claw, Hammer Toes - Soft Support
  • Tailored Toe Comfort - Embrace comfort with our soft gel crests for gentle separation and light correction. Opt for our firm support crests for a slightly firmer gel, providing medium correction to straighten hammertoes. Elevate your stride, choose your support level, and prioritize your toe well-being today.
  • Pain Relief with Gentle Pressure - Crafted from soft and flexible silicone gel, our corrector alleviates pain associated with hammer or mallet toe, as well as other alignment issues, without causing any irritation!
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Bukihome Hammertoe Corrector - 6 Pack Toe Straightener to Curled Toes, Broken toe, Bunion Corrector for Women and Men, 3 Different Size (Clear)
  • 【Say Goodbye to Hammer Toe】:Toe Straightener helps you correct and straighten your toes, provide strong immobilize and support for your toe joints, protect your toes.
  • 【Friction Prevention】: Made of high-quality materials, the protector for bunion prevent friction and discomfort between the toes, and improve hammer toe, broken toe, crooked toe, mallet toe, claw toe, overlapping toe and relieve pain.

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