the foot file

The Foot File

The Foot File is a handy tool that consumers can use to reduce thick and had skin on the foot, especially if the skin is cracked around the heel. The foot file is a reasonable effective way to deal

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podiatry felt

Using Podiatry Felt

Podiatry felt is a padding material that has a self adhesive backing and can be used to make pads to stick on the foot to off load the pressure from painful areas. Advertisement: I get commissions

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Cracked heels

What to do about cracked heels?

Cracked heels are a fairly common disorder affecting the skin around the heel where the skin splits and it can become painful and might even get infected. They usually happen when the skin around t

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cluffy wedge

Cluffy Wedges

A Cluffy wedge is an add-on to the front edge of a foot orthotic to help problems with the big toe joint of the foot. A Cluffy wedge can also be purchased as a stand-alone pad by consumers. A podia

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toe foams

The polyurethane Toe Foams

The Toe foams are designed to protect toes and are made from a polyurethane foam that is commonly used by foot specialists for a range of problems that affect the toes and foot. The toe foams come

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cam walker

The Use of CAM Walkers

The CAM walkers are commonly used to treat a wide variety of foot and ankle injuries when you need to restrict motion at the ankle joint (CAM is short for ‘controlled ankle movement’).

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Archies Thongs

The Archies thongs* are turning out to be an Australian success story with them becoming very popular. They pretty much sell themselves to anyone who tries on a pair – they are that comfortab

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