Urea Foot Creams

Foot creams that have urea in them are among the most effective to deal with a range of skin conditions of the feet in which the skin is dry. Research has shown that dry skin is deficient in urea w

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gel heel protector

Silicone gel heel protectors

The silicone gel heel protector is a useful way to deal with cracked and dry skin around the heel. The silicone gel heel protector provides some moisture, but you can place a cream inside the heel

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the foot file

The Foot File

The Foot File is a handy tool that consumers can use to reduce thick and had skin on the foot, especially if the skin is cracked around the heel. The foot file is a reasonable effective way to deal

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Cracked heels

What to do about cracked heels?

Cracked heels are a fairly common disorder affecting the skin around the heel where the skin splits and it can become painful and might even get infected. They usually happen when the skin around t

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