Do You Need Diabetic Socks?

Diabetic socks of hosiery are socks that are highly recommended for those who have diabetes and are at risk for developing the common foot problems. These diabetic socks are made to protect the at

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chinese foot binding

Chinese Foot Binding

Chinese Foot Binding was a practice mostly in rural China in which the feet of young girls was tightly bound to prevent the feet from growing and so they remained small. This was done as it was con

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bunion surgery

Bunion Surgery

Bunions on the feet are a common problem and there is only one way to get rid of them properly and that is with surgery. Devices like the Bunion Assassin and Bunion Correctors can help with the sym

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What is Charcot Foot

A Charcot Foot is a problem that most commonly occurs in those with diabetes, especially if they have the sensory nerve damage. Because of the nerve damage they are unable to sense any trauma that

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bunion assassian

The Bunion Assassin

The Bunion Assassin is an effective brace that you wear to help with the alignment of the big toe and to help with pain in the big toe joint. It is usually worn during the day in shoes whereas the

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Circulation Booster

Using the Circulation Boosters

The Circulation Boosters are are range of products that are alleged to boost the circulation to the foot and leg. They provide a stimulus to make the muscles contract. This muscle contraction acts

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How to treat calcaneal apophysitis?

Calcaneal Apophysitis is the technical name for Severs Disease which affects the heel bone in children. It is a growing plate related disorder so will go away eventually, but does need to be treate

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Getting the Right Basketball Shoes

The feet are so important in basketball. The feet are used in every aspect and play of the game and at the same time a lot of loads and twists and turns are placed on the feet and could result in a

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gel heel protector

Silicone gel heel protectors

The silicone gel heel protector is a useful way to deal with cracked and dry skin around the heel. The silicone gel heel protector provides some moisture, but you can place a cream inside the heel

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foam rolling

Foam Roller for Heel Pain

The foam rollers are widely used to treat a wide range of muscle problems and trigger points that can affect the body. Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain that is usually worse for tho

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